Candem Fertilizer Incorporated Company has risen like a sun on our farmer brothers and sisters in today's world, when the heavy destruction of chemical fertilizers has given to our environment and our world. Our country, which is the apple of the eye of the world due to unconscious water consumption, global warming and similar reasons, has seen and seen heavy damage. Candem helps our farmers to obtain better quality and more fertile products by producing organic fertilizers for our farmers with the slogan of conscious producer, conscious consumer, preventing the aridity in the soil. Candem Seed Coating preparations are presented to you, our esteemed farmers, as liquid and powder under the Demnem brand. By reducing the seed loss to zero, it has prevented our farmers from using excessive seeds. It has contributed significantly to the product increase by making full tillering in the seed. Also; With our Fabulous Five product, it produces fertilizers used by our farmers during the tillering period of the plants and before and after flowering. After a period of 4-5 years of use, it completely eliminates the calcification in the soil and offers healthier soils to our farmers. Candem provides our farmers with easy access to products with a wide dealer network. In addition, engineering services are provided to our farmers who use Candem products with our experienced engineer staff. It has been understood that today, where competition is at an extremely high stage, it is not possible to keep up with the world markets with random farming. Therefore, Organic Fertilizer is needed in order to get less cost and better quality products. The plant needs not only nitrogen (urea, nitrate) but also organic substances and trace elements. For this, the use of organic fertilizers with trace elements has become a must. Our company continues to work uninterruptedly in the market with the slogan "The Magnificent Five", without compromising on quality and service.